When Anxiety Triggers Smoking – Anxiety Hypnotherapy

October 29, 2014 Off By Jasmine.Minogue

Cigarette and tobacco addiction is caused by a number of factors, including pressure from society interactions. Other studies have shown a possible connection between anxiety and smoking. While it may not be entirely an anxiety problem, when such feelings as fear, anger and pressure are not well handled, it can lead one into the spiral hole of reaching for the lighter to calm one’s nerves.
Other that resulting to this habit, there are better ways to cope with anxiety, such as not expecting too much of oneself and lessening the work load. Anxiety leads to stress, and with stress, it becomes even harder t o perform, thus the bets way to manage this, is to nip anxiety at its bud. Research on Anxiety hypnotherapy Perth has shown that self hypnotism can play a role in reducing the emotional pressure.
As mentioned, addictions can result from feelings of rush and anxiety. So when one discovers this to be a trigger, and is trying to cut the habit, keeping a journal may come in handy, to help one keep a record of the causes of such feelings, and when they occur. This way, a change of routine can be implemented, and the realization that grabbing the white stick only brings temporary high will help persuade a determined quitter to set a quit date. Anxiety can result from practically anything, even the thought of giving up the cigarettes can set off the worry that one will now gain unnecessary eight for those that are image conscious, but this need not be a problem since, after quitting ones health begins to improve drastically. Know alternative ways to reduce anxiety and not turn to vices, this helpful site will provide suggestions and options for you. 
Nutrients are better pumped through the system, as well as oxygen, nourishing the skin and vital organs, so general body health is improved. Incase of added weight; if one is not into excising, if deemed necessary, weight loss hypnosis can be introduced. On giving up the cigarette, withdrawal symptoms can be a person’s ruin if not handled properly. Getting a good, regular feeding will keep such problems as dehydration at bay. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol which causes dehydration, and of course, a dehydrated person is irritable, and what will such a person do to get steady? Of course, reaching for a cigarette!
Think positively, maybe former efforts failed but keeping the right mental attitude help one to keep at it despite drawbacks. Look for ways to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Is constipation a problem? Taking in foods rich in fiber and lots of water alleviates this problem, while suing cough drops brings down the cough. A diet change can make one cringe at the thought of a cigar, for instance, foods such as vegetables, cheese and fruit as well as juice transforms the taste of a cigarette to something terrible, and can switch off a craving. Think of eating a mango after brushing teeth- unpleasant right? In some instances some may adapt quit smoking hypnosis for quicker results. But nothing beats the feeling that comes with successfully beating the habit.