Revisit Your Part

April 28, 2015 Off By Jasmine.Minogue

What is past life regression?

Past life is believed to be the autobiography of an individual’s soul. It is a personal story that presents and explains your purpose on living. It is a kind of therapeutic technique for re-living, re-experiencing, and accessing one’s past life. It is a branch of hypnotheraphy that has been in existence for over 50 years, and it is one of the most important contributions in the field of healing arts. Check out to learn more!

There are people who try this therapeutic technique because of curiosity just to have a view on who they are in the past. But for some, they believe that this technique is a way to grow and know themselves more; for them, it is also a way of healing.

What can it do for you?

Past life regression therapy helps an individual to see personal relationships in a new perspective. It also improves and energize talents and abilities that are from the past. It also releases negativities including stress, anxiety, depression, fears that are linked to past life traumas that are mainly the cause of physical problems. It also allows one individual to experience transitional status of life after death. Through this, one also understands what is the real purpose of an individual.

A one of a kind experience

Past life regression therapy is an experience that involves the cooperation of an individual’s whole sense. It is like watching a film that includes flashes of images and sounds. It also involves the sense of smell and touch that you will directly feel on your body. Some individuals who tried this out also produced emotions: feeling of happiness, sadness, and despair. These sensations are directly being felt at the very moment and/or during the process, but will pass quickly as the past life story progresses.

As mentioned above, past life regression is a form of healing. The philosophy in this tradition is that an individual does not consist of a simple and flat soul, but of a soul with great wisdom that has passed through many lifetimes. It is believed that all of us have memories from our past lives; we are just unconscious of it. These memories are continuously affecting our present life; they can be in the form of accomplishments, mistakes, failures, success, sudden deaths, wisdom, and love. These elements and patterns are flowing in a cyclical pattern, meaning they are being repeated in our present lives. These elements affect the way we speak, act, behave. These elements also influence our talents, skills, taste, and perception on life’s purpose. Negative thoughts are one of the factors that block this energy to find the light, relive the past memories, and have a positive outlook in life.

For individuals to be conscious of the existence of these memories, one should release the energies that are no longer relevant and necessary to our lives up to the present. Thus, neutralizing the flow of positivities in our kinds and bodies. In totality, past life regression is a healing process that does not only heal the soul, but also the past life of an individual.