Providing The Necessary Attention For The Younger Generation

Providing The Necessary Attention For The Younger Generation

September 26, 2018 Off By Jasmine.Minogue

Children these days are more advanced in knowledge than what we used to be back in the day. With the introduction of new digital devices, the younger generation has become more updated on what is happening around the world. This has caused the educational institutions to increase the capacity of the syllabus for a year. However, we could also identify that due to such technological advancements, the youth has turned into lethargic and less interactive with the external environment. They tend to give priority towards the unimportant activities and seek attention towards various social media networking sites. This has caused many social issues to arise and affect them in a negative way.

Common issues that prevail in society

Due to excessive use of social media, there may come a situation where the young take irresponsible decisions which will cost their lives. Suicide is something that has become very common in today’s context. Many have started to reduce this by encouraging various discussion groups, depression counselling sessions and one to one meetings with well-experienced psychologists in the field.

The rates are still high
Even though these sessions have started, the rates have not showed a decline. This is mainly due to the insufficient communication and awareness among rural areas. Areas in which such cases are affected drastically. The next reason is due to the constraint of cash. While many NGOs carry out their services free of charge, there are a few that charge a small fee. Another reason is due to the variation of depression treatment Townsville. Each foundation that conducts these sessions have their own way of carrying out their service, it may or may not suit the victim. Therefore, they will continuously go in search of the proper help that would suit them rather than the closest location. After all, the treatments should have a positive reaction.

Main reasons
Some say that this is mainly due to the ignorance of the parents or guardians of the children while others say that it is the fault of society. Whichever party is to be blamed, we all have a duty towards safeguarding our youth and becoming responsible citizens and examples for them. Another main reason for such depression states is due to the lack of love and attention given for the child within the household. In this money centered society both parents have the need to do a job to provide for their youth. Therefore, during the week, their children will encounter very little interaction with their parents. This will result in them having to express themselves to people whom they do not know. This is one main reason for a child to be depressed.