Getting Rid Of Anxiety The Natural Way

May 13, 2015 Off By Jasmine.Minogue

Most of us feel extremely anxious about something or the other in life. The pangs of anxiety might be mild or extreme. And almost every day, we deal with some or the other cause of anxiety. However, when the effect of anxiety become extremely high and we start becoming anxious about almost everything, even the small insignificant things of life, it is then that the condition might be called as anxiety disorder. And that requires treatment. But we have good news. Anxiety always does not need medication based treatment. A lot of natural remedies are available which can help you fight anxiety very effectively. This great site helps you to find the perfect psychologists that you can feel comfortable dealing with.

The natural techniques include anything from calming meditation, aromatherapy, calming teas, stress busting workouts and many more. Anxiety can be due to various reasons:

1. Money

2. Health

3. Love

4. Family

5. Environmental factors

6. Work

Natural Remedies

Chamomile tea can have a very calming effect to soothe down your nerves during the jittery moments. Chamomile contains certain compounds which work in a similar way to anti-anxiety drugs like Valium. It is a very good natural way towards anxiety treatment.

Green tea has also been proved scientifically to have positive effects on anxiety. This tea contains certain amino acids known as L-theanine, which keeps the mind relaxed for long periods of time. It has diminishing effects on blood pressure and heart rates thereby keeping you calm.

Hops are generally found in beer and it is extremely bitter in taste. The compound which acts as a sedative in hops is a volatile oil which promotes sound sleep. One way of using it is finding it in aromatherapy oils and also hops pillows.

Valerian is a well-known herb which works majorly as a sedative. It cannot be consumed alone, it is best to use it as a tincture. It works great in combination with other herbs such as lemon balm, green tea and chamomile.

Lemon balm is one stress busting herb which has been used since centuries to help in relaxation. Lemon balm is available in tea form or in a capsule or even a tincture. It has a very soothing effect and ensures to take in small doses only.

One of the best natural methods of dealing with anxiety is exercising. It is healthy, does not have side effects, does not cost a penny, keeps you fit, gives you that coveted waistline or those abs you always wanted! Now, do you want any other remedy with so many benefits? Exercise helps boost your self-esteem, confidence and gives you a healthier body. It also helps you shift focus from the troubling thoughts.

So, stop feeling anxious, breath deep and you will see nothing is as serious as it seems!